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Feathers & Fluff Collection

'Lace & Ruffles' - Original Painting of NZ Tui

'Lace & Ruffles' - Original Painting of NZ Tui

Original artwork of NZ Tui on Magnolia Branch by Sarah Potton

Painted with professional artist's acrylic on museum quality 300gsm watercolour paper.

Painting size: approx 26x36cm; Paper size: 30x42cm.  Comes unframed, and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Please contact me for pricing and details of purchase.


The idea for this painting came as I watched a tui singing in our walnut tree.  It was silhouetted against the sky so that all I could see was the outline of its body, and it was singing with such gusto that it was puffed up like a balloon with all its feathers fluffed out in little spikes.  I've always thought of tuis as very slim birds so I was fascinated to see this rotund version!

I decided on a simple colour palette for this one, to keep the focus on the subject, so I mirrored the greens and blues of the plumage within the tree branch and the background.  Trying to capture the gorgeous metallic sheen of the feathers was a challenge, and hard to do justice to with paint.

As in all of my Feathers & Fluff series, there is a little critter in this painting - these are sometimes hidden, sometimes part of the composition.  This one should be easy to spot!

All images are copyright © Sarah Potton
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