New Zealand beach stones transformed into animals... with a little acrylic paint, lots of love, and thousands of tiny brushstrokes!

Painted Rocks for Sale in NZ - Animal Art on Stones

Rock Pets for Sale

These pets are guaranteed to be quiet, well-behaved and flea free!

View the collection for my latest painted rock animals waiting for new homes.

Painted Pebble Pin Badges & Necklaces - Animal Jewellery For Sale in NZ

Pebble Jewellery

Hand painted pebble pets - miniature art collectables and wearable cuteness for animal lovers!

Would you like a tiny companion to wear on a favourite jacket, carry with you on a bag or wear as a necklace?

Pet Portraits on Rocks & Pebbles - Animal Memorial Art

Pet Portraits on Stones

Commission a painted rock of your own cat or dog - the perfect way to remember a beloved pet and a unique gift for any animal lover.


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"I’ve always loved to make things out of natural objects that I have found or collected.
I particularly enjoy painting on stones because each is like a little blank canvas just waiting to be picked up and transformed into a cute animal ready to bring happiness to someone!"

To read more about my painted stones visit my blog.

Gallery of Painted Rocks

A selection of past work

  • sleeping bunny lop rabbit painted rock
  • Pukeko painted rock by nz artist
  • yorkshire terrier painted stones
  • grey tabby kitten stone painting
  • tiger painted rock by sarah potton
  • tiger painted rock by sarah potton
  • cat painted rocks - nz art
  • nz frog painted rock art
  • elephant painting on a rock by nz artist
  • little owl painted rocks nz birds
  • realistic white horse painting on a rock
  • miniature art painted rocks of tiny bunnies
  • ruru owl - morepork painted rock by nz artist
  •  ginger tabby painted cat rock portrait by nz artist
  • tiny hedgehog art painted pebbles
  • spotty lop rabbit rock painting nz art
  • jack russell dog - pet portrait stone painting
  • black and white bunny sleeping painted on a rock
  • tiny morepork owl painted pebble - miniature rock art
  • kiwi bird painted rock by nz artist
  • chestnut horse painting - rock art
  • miniature art rabbit painted pebbles
  • snow leopard painted rock
  • grey tabby cat painted stone
  • painted rock black and white kitten
  • burmese cat rock painting - pet portrait art
  • miniature cats on rocks
  • grey lop bunny painted stone
  • painted rocks nz morepork owls native birds
  • black rabbit painted rock
  • miniature painted pebble of black and white bunny
  • tiny painted rock of a wild rabbit
  • frog painted stone
  • bengal cat painted rocks - pet portraits nz
  • nz birds art rock painting of morepork owl
  • tricolour guinea pig rock art painting
  • miniature schnauzer painted rock by sarah potton
  • rat rock painting
  • sleeping hedgehog painted stone animal art
  • cavalier king charles spaniel painted rocks
  • roan cocker spaniel art - painted rock
  • black greyhound dog painted rock
  • blenheim cavalier king charles spaniel painted on arock
  • Labradoodle painted rock art - pet lover ornament
  • black cat with green eyes hand painted stone
  • pig stones painted rock farm animals
  • hedgehog painted stone ornament
  • barn owl painting on a rock
  • fawn jack russell terrier painted rock art
  • painted turtle stone by sarah potton
  • nz morepork hand painted on a stone
  • dog portrait on a stone - pet remembrance gift
  • little owl painted rock
  • nz possum painted stone
  • painted rocks of sleeping rabbits - bunny ornaments
  • black ginger and white guinea pig painted rock
  • frog stone painting - miniature animals
  • realistic hedgehog miniature painted rocks nz art
  • little owl hand painted on rock
  • jack russell terrier dog stone - pet portraits nz
  • pet portraits nz - black and white cat painting
  • miniature animal art painted cat pebble
  • border collie puppy dog painted rock
  • black persian cat painted rock - miniature art
  • painted rock of a grey rabbit - animal pet art
  • fawn greyhound painted rock
  • brown tabby cat painted rock
  • painted rocks - cat ornaments
  • grey fluffy persian cat painted stone
  • black spoodle dog painted rock
  • black and white guinea pig painted rock
  • black and white tuxedo cat rock art
  • grey siamese painted rock pet portrait - cat loss art
  • spotty rabbit painted pebble miniature art
  • black and white cat painted rock - animal ornament
  • cat painted rocks
  • tuxedo cat rock painting
  • ginger rabbit painted rock
  • tiny frog painted rock by nz artist
  • tiny jack russell dog painted rock by sarah potton
  • brown tabby kitten painted stone
  • white shih tzu puppy dog painted on a stone
  • british shorthair cat painted stone - pet portrait
  • nz bird rock art of a baby morepork owl
  • yorkshire terrier painted stone animal
  • kiwi art painted stone handmade by nz artist
  • pet portrait of golden border collie -  painted rock art
  • burmese cat painted rock - custom painting
  • tricolour guinea pig painted stone
  • fluffy kitten painted stones
  • little owl fledgling painted on a stone- nz art
  • pug dog hand painted stone by sarah potton
  • black cat - painted rock art
  • pet portrait - custom tabby cat stone
  • grey tabby cat painted stone - art for sale
  • guinea pig painted rocks animal art
  • realistic hedgehog miniature painted rocks nz art
  • miniature rabbit pebble paintings
  • frog stone painting
  • pelican rock painting
  • black rabbit painted pebble
  • black and white kitten painted rock
  • siamese cat rock painting - realistic art
  • pukeko painting on a rock - art for sale nz
  • green and golden bell frog nz painted rock
  • persian kitten painted stone - animal ornament
  • painted rocks of cats - animal art
  • white horse painted rock
  • morepork owl painted rock - nz art for sale
  • baby tiger animal pebble painting
  • painted tortoise stone by sarah potton
  • otter painted rock
  • tiny painted stone of black cat
  • bay horse painted rock
  • owl painted rock for sale
  • painted rocks - black , siamese, orange tabby cats
  • tiny bunnies - pebble art - animals on rocks
  • pomeranian dog painted rock
  • white rat rock painting
  • elephant painted rock
  • spotty lop rabbit painted stone
  • cute puppy painted stones - jack russell, maltese, spaniel
  • ginger bunny painted rock by mousewhisker studio
  • tiny cat painted rocks
  • ginger tabby kitten - stone painting art
  • tortoiseshell cat portrait - custom pet art on rocks
  • rock art painting of californian rabbit
  • russian blue cat painted on a stone
  • nz kiwi bird tiny rock painting by sarah potton
  • white tiger painting on a stone - realistic art
  • black and tan cavalier spaniel - tiny painted rock
  • tortoise painted stone - animal ornament
  • tiny rock animals miniature bunnies
  • chimpanzee painted rock
  • baby guinea pig painted pebble