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'Autumn Fluff' - Original Painting of Morepork Owl & Brambles

'Autumn Fluff' - Original Painting of Morepork Owl & Brambles

Original artwork of a NZ Morepork (Ruru) Owl Fledgling with Brambles, by Sarah Potton.

Painted with professional artist's acrylic on museum quality 300gsm watercolour paper.

Painting size: approx 26x36cm; Paper size: 30x42cm.  Comes unframed, and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Please contact me for pricing and details of purchase.


The morepork, or ruru, is NZ's only native owl and mainly lives in forests, but is sometimes also seen in open country, parks and gardens.

I love hearing them call at night, and I was once lucky enough to see one fly very close to me when I was out in the garden at dusk - what amazed me was the absolute silence of it's flight: it was like a huge dark moth gliding silently past.   Apparently the reason for this is that they have soft fringes on the edges of their wing feathers which muffles the sound of air passing over the wings.

Baby rurus have such hilarious expressions and the cutest of head tilts when they are investigating anything, and this is what I wanted to capture in this painting, along with the gorgeous red-gold foliage of brambles in early autumn.   The butterfly is a Common Copper, a beautiful species native to New Zealand.

All images are copyright © Sarah Potton
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