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'Bright Eyes' - Original Painting of Baby Ruru

'Bright Eyes' - Original Painting of Baby Ruru

$600.00 NZD

Original painting of a Baby NZ Morepork Owl & Cornflowers by Sarah Potton

Painted with artist's acrylic on an archival quality wooden panel. The edges are 2.5cm deep and are painted to match. Ready to hang and does not require framing. Dimensions: 31 x 45 cm

This painting is currently available from ‘Of Hand & Heart’ Gallery, Warkworth. 


The morepork, also known in Maori as 'ruru' because of it's distinctive, melancholy call, is one of New Zealand's two native owl species.

Baby moreporks are one of my favourite creatures to paint because of their beautiful golden yellow eyes and intense, comical expressions - amidst all the fluff! 

In this piece I enjoyed combining the warm brown and yellow tones of the owl with the delicate blues of the wild cornflowers.   If you look carefully, you'll also see another little creature lurking in the foliage, perhaps hoping to escape the notice of the owl!

All images are copyright © Sarah Potton
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