Painted Rocks for Sale

These pets are guaranteed to be quiet, well-behaved and flea free!

Painted Rock Requests

If you are interested in a particular breed or type of animal which I don’t have for sale, please contact me  - I can notify you if/when I next have one available.  You can also sign up for my newsletter to receive email updates of newly listed rocks for sale.

Pet Portraits - NZ Cat & Dog Custom Art

Pet Portraits

Would you like your own pet immortalized in stone?

Provide me with photos and I will paint a lifelike rendition of your cat or dog on a rock, in fine detail. 

Pricing starts at NZ$75.00

  • Painted Rock Tabby Cat - Animal Art

    "Absolutely amazing work!!!!!!  The eyes alone are worth the price LOL!!""



  • Dog Painted Rock - Home Decor Ideas

    "Arrived today safe & sound. Exquisite detail. And no Dog Rego,
    fleas or doggie messes to clean up!  A joy and privilege - many thanks
    from us both Sarah."



  • Tiny Dog Rock Paintings - Gift Ideas NZ

    "Very, very cute and adored by my gift recipient! Finest detail and fabulous wrapped presentation. Thank you!!!"



Rock Painting FAQs

Why Painted Rocks?

I’ve always loved to make things out of natural objects that I have found or collected. I particularly enjoy painting on stones because each is like a little blank canvas just waiting to be picked up and transformed into a cute animal ready to bring happiness to someone! It's also an interesting challenge to work with a 3d surface rather than a flat piece of paper or canvas.

  • Frog Painted Stone - Work in Progress
  • Painted Rock - NZ Bell Frog
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How do you select the stones you paint on?

This is always inspired by the stone's shape, and what animal it brings to my mind when I see it. I put a lot of time and thought into this selection process as I like the animals and birds I paint to look as realistic as possible from all angles, as they would be in real life.

Rock Painting Process - NZ Artist

What is your painting process?

I don’t begin the actual painting process until I have the animal’s posture, colouring and expression clearly visualized in my mind. The next step is to gradually build up many layers of paint, using very tiny brushes to acheive the finest details such as fur and whiskers, and finishing the eyes at the very end. As I paint, any irregularities or fissures in the stone are carefully included to merge with the natural shape or texture of the animal.

For examples of past work, see the Gallery of Painted Stones

Tiny Bunny Painted Rocks - Pet Paintings

How do I care for my rock pet?

Each animal stone is painted with professional artist’s acrylic and coated with uv protective varnish.

Best kept indoors, preferably out of constant direct sunlight, or under a covered area outdoors, as long-term exposure to the weather may eventually fade or damage the surface. If needed, the stone can be cleaned gently with a damp cloth.

Give your animal rock a nice place to sit, and maybe even a companion or two, and it will reward you by being the easiest pet to care for, ever

How will it be packaged and shipped?

Your rock pet will travel comfortably in its own little box with plenty of bedding, and will be securely packaged for shipping.

If it is to be a gift, I can include your own message to the recipient, printed attractively on note card and attached to the box – let me know in the order notes at checkout.

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