They Did It!

Shortly after my first post about our enterprising quail pair Bertie and Gertie, they disappeared.  I'd hoped they would decide to hatch a family at our place but after about a month of seeing no sign of either of them I'd given up hope and thought they must have gone elsewhere.
But one day what did I see out of the window but a little quail procession marching past... Next minute there was a tap on the door and there were Bertie and Gertie standing to attention on our doormat along with with two adorable spotty  chicklings with the most ridiculously cute topknots.

They spent the next few weeks pottering round my vege garden and were joined by a single mum with 7 kids who had somehow mislaid her husband and obviously thought Bertie was the bees knees.  A while after that they all roamed off to different territory - if I know them, probably helping themselves to another neighbour's chook food.

Here are the proud family of four posing on the edge of the garden path after introducing their offspring.  Miss you Gertie and Bertie - I hope you'll be back next Spring!



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