The Quail Takeover

Meet Bertie and Gertie - a pair of Californian Quail who turned up on our doormat one afternoon a few months ago and started tapping with their beaks on the door! On their honeymoon perhaps and looking for luxury accommodation?

Since then they have made the discovery that pretending to be chickens at feeding time is a good strategy and are now by far the fattest quail in the district.  Their return for this kindness is leaving lots of little squishy brown presents on our deck.

This morning Gertie walked into the kitchen cool as a cucumber and helped herself to a crumb on the floor next to the cat dish. What next - roosting on the end of the bed at night perhaps?
We are hoping that one day they might appear with some miniature fluff balls in tow - but so far they've shown no signs of nesting and now the season's almost over. Perhaps they are a modern quail couple and prefer a lifestyle of travel and no family ties.

I definitely want to do a quail painting at some stage: their colouring and feather patterns are absolutely fabulous closeup - and their little topknots are so comical and cute!

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