Kingfisher Blues

My latest painting 'Sapphire Spring'πŸ’™ Finding shades of blue bright enough to capture the kingfisher's plumage colours was a challenge with this one!... I had to unearth various tubes of blue that don't usually see the light of day very often!

Just as a quirky piece of info - if you were to scrape the paint gradually off the body of the dragonfly you would find quite a few different coloured versions underneath.Β 

The progression went something like red, blue, orange, back to blue again because I couldn't make up my mind which looked best.Β  At one stage it was a revolting muddy brown when my layering went wrong. One of the most frustrating aspects of painting is that sometimes you spend more time on a couple of square centimetres, than you do on a large portion of the rest of the work!

The original has sold but art prints of this work are now available.

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