From Pebble to Frog

One of my recent painted stones - a green and golden bell frog.

Painting this brought back fond memories of my two pet frogs - Freddy and Algernon - that I raised from tadpoles when I was a kid.  These pets had my Mum's full approval (unlike the 30 mice I kept in the spare bedroom at the time) because it meant I became an expert at catching flies for them and regularly patrolled the house with a pot and small piece of cardboard to nab the unsuspecting critters when they made a landing.

I always found it fascinating to watch the frogs' lightning speed leaps to catch their prey, although I couldn't help feeling a bit guilty at consigning the poor flies to an unhappy fate!
Going away on holiday was always a big problem at our house because of all the animals to find sitters for.  On looking back I realize how heroic my Nana was on one occasion by accepting with apparent nonchalance into her spotless house a tank sloshing about with water, rocks, moss, 2 frogs and approximately 50 flies buzzing frantically round the interior.  Mum asked me several times in a worried voice if I was sure the lid was fastened on properly.

Frog shaped stones are really hard to find, so I don't often get the chance to paint these amazing critters.  This one is ready to hop off to his new home and is available for from my shop.

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