Beautiful Watercolour Art by RJ Clusker

Today's blog post is something a bit different - an appreciation post of fellow NZ artist RJ Clusker who paints gorgeous watercolour portraits and kiwiana themed paintings.  She painted a portrait for me of a couple of special friends of mine and I was thrilled with the result. I particularly love her style; the romantic atmosphere and delicate quality of her pen and watercolour technique.

This wedding portrait is an example of her work, and one of my favourites - I love how she captured the couple's expressions, and chose the background colours to tie in with the tones of the bouquet.

I highly recommend getting a portrait done by Rebekah - she will turn your favourite photo into a beautiful painting you can treasure forever! She is also able to work from separate photos and combine them, which is perfect if you want a group portrait but don't have a suitable photo.  So if you're stuck for gift ideas this year, consider commissioning a hand painted portrait - it makes a wonderful present for friends and family.  

To see more of her work, visit her website
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